AFC Hartmetall – Perfection in Detail

It has been shown again and again that simple ideas are often the best. This is the idea behind the patented process for manufacturing our “specialty” - carbide rods with helical cooling channels and cooling channels in special shapes.

Highly specialized products require highly qualified know-how. We have it. Some employees have more than 20 years of professional experience in carbide production. Scientists and engineers work together with technical experts to further develop our products and services.

Our customers can be found all over the world. AFC Hartmetall is the right partner for your company because our service knows no boundaries. As part of the Hyperion Materials & Technologies family, we offer you a broad product portfolio and support you with advice based on partnership, from which tailor-made and economical, individual solutions emerge. Because that and nothing else is what we mean by customer satisfaction - cooperation that makes you satisfied.

photo of AFC Hartmetall in Mainleus, Germany