Premium Carbide Rods

AFC Hartmetall's premium cemented carbide rod blanks deliver high precision and performance in drilling and milling applications. We use the highest quality tungsten carbide powders and adjust the ratio of tungsten carbide and cobalt to meet your tool´s needs for hardness.
About us

The AFC Hartmetall difference includes

  • A broad portfolio of solid rods, coolant rods, preforms, and special rods
  • A range of tungsten carbide grades
  • Choices of carbide grade hardness with 6 to 13% Co contents
  • Best-in-class tolerances and consistency
  • Highly experienced technical support
  • "Non-rival Supplier".
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Our Process

AFC Hartmetall only produces ultra-fine grain grades with a cobalt content of 6-13%. All of these are highly wear-resistant grades from ISO machining groups K10 - K50.

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