Special Rods

We manufacture the special cemented tungsten carbide rods needed for your application.

In addition to developing unique tungsten carbide grades, we have the expertise and manufacturing competence to create customer-specific cemented carbide rods.

We can accommodate your special requests regarding length; diameter; or number, shape, and position of the cooling holes.


Versatile custom-made cemented carbide products


We can manufacture the special cemented tungsten carbide rods needed for your application and can accommodate a wide range of special requests. Customization options include:

  • Customized length 
  • Customized diameter tolerance 
  • Shape, number, and position of the cooling holes 
  • Variability of helix (0 - 65°) especially for blanks with short pitches of 6 to 7 mm and shorter for micro drills
  • Kidney-shaped or lenticular-shaped cooling channels in blanks for deep hole drills 
  • Reduced pitch tolerances (classification possible) for blanks up to 550 mm for helical cooling channels
  • Lengths up to 550 mm for rods with helical coolant channels and 900 mm for rods with parallel cooling channels or solid rods
  • Rod diameters from 3.0 to 34 mm for rods with a length of 330 mm and diameters up to 55 mm for rods with a length of up to 200 mm with straight cooling channels 
  • Coolant hole diameter minimums from 0.08 mm and maximums of ½ of the rod diameter 
  • Right-hand or left-hand helical twists 
  • Helical twist pitches of up to 72° possible 
  • Lateral exit holes > 0.3 mm and in forward or backward orientation 
  • Lateral exit holes with diameters, angles, and locations to meet your needs.


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